Frequently Asked Questions

Q : 1 What should I do if I suspect my roof has sustained any damage?
A : 1 Contact your Insurance Agent and they will assign a claims adjuster to inspect your roof.
Q : 2 Do I need to be present when the adjuster is at my home?
A : 2 It is not required, but it would be best, so you have a complete understanding of your adjuster’s findings.
Q : 3 What should I do after my roof has been inspected by my Insurance Company’s Claims adjuster?
A : 3 You should have received a detailed report, outlining your adjuster’s findings. Your roof will either have no damage, minimal damage, or may be approved for a complete replacement. After the Adjuster’s findings are determined, your Adjuster will look to settle the claim by processing a check draft for a portion of your loss. The balance will be issued when the repair work is complete.
Q : 4 What’s next?
A : 4 If you feel your roof has received damage, contact to help you review your Insurance Adjuster’s findings, and move forward with your repair or replacement. For immediate assistance, call 512-369-2109.
Q : 5 Is there a cost for a roofing estimate?
A : 5 All Weather Exteriors does not charge for an on site estimate, as well as verifying your Insurance Company’s findings. There are many instances when the Adjuster may miss other associated damages, or miscalculate your roof’s dimensions, and we are here to help you insure everything is correct with your insurance claim. Other Roofing Companies may charge for an estimate.
Q : 6 Will my insurance cover the entire expense for the repair?
A : 6 Depending on your individual Homeowners policy, coverage provided by your insurance company may vary. The Adjuster that was assigned to your claim should have outlined this coverage plan, and All Weather Exteriors can work with you to confirm your proposed compensation. Most all policies do have a deductable, and some policies may also have a depreciation schedule for aging roofs. Your Insurance Claims Adjuster will outline the details pertaining to your individual policy.
Q : 7 How do I pay for my roof repair?
A : 7 All Weather Exteriors requires a 50% down payment of your roofing estimate, and the balance of the contract to be paid in full on the day of completion. Any disbursements received from your Insurance Company, may have been issued to both you as the policy holder and your Mortgage Company. You can use this draft from your Insurance Company as your down payment, but you must insure that your Mortgage Company has also endorsed the draft. We can also work with you and your Insurance Company on the final draft issued by your Insurance Company. Due to the deductable associated with most policies, any difference between our estimate and the coverage provided by your Insurance Company will be your responsibility for payment.
Q : 8 How long does it take to do a full replacement?
A : 8 Your roof replacement will usually take just a few days to complete, once work has started. We can discuss the specific timeline during the estimation.